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If your vinyl flooring is in need of some love, you need to talk to a pro. Richard’s Carpet + Flooring team of experts will help you take care of your floor and protect it from future damage. They’re trained, knowledgeable and experienced, and will help you get the best results possible.

Looking for an expert floor installer that will help you repair or install a new tile floor? Richard’s Carpet + Flooring offers quick and quality solutions to any tile floor problems you might have.

Hardwood floors can really get dull looking over time. In fact, weathering is a natural part of the life cycle of any wooden floor.

Richard’s Carpet is the top choice when it comes to premium quality carpeting for homes and businesses throughout Minnesota and surrounding areas. 

Richard’s Carpet + Flooring, a leader in the floor coating industry, provides a variety of commercial and industrial floor coating systems that fit your needs.

Richard’s Carpet + Flooring can handle any type of commercial flooring job. Our qualified and highly skilled tradesmen can repair, replace, or install your floors, and we guarantee that the work will be done correctly, professionally, and on time.

For commercial and residential property owners in Minnesota who are looking for a new laminate floor, our team of experts at Richard’s Carpet + Flooring will use their knowledge and years of experience to find the absolute best product for your new upcoming project.

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