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What Type Of Flooring Installation Do You Want More Information On?

If you aren’t sure how each type of flooring is installed, then pick ‘n click your way to a few “aha” moments. →  Hit phone any time you’d rather speak to a human 👍

Planks or tiles are clicked together using a tongue and groove system, then adhesive is used to secure the installation.

LVP/LVT is highly customizable, with a wide range of styles, colors, and textures to suit any decor.​

Adhesive or mortar is applied to secure the tiles, then joints are grouted for a complete finish.
Tile Flooring Installation – Our team delivers swift, high-quality solutions for all your tile projects.

Material is secured to the subfloor using staples, nails or adhesive. Some types are installed with a floating method.

Quality craftsmanship by experts enhances property value, making hardwood flooring a sound investment.
Planks are connected, typically with a click-and-lock system, then laid for an adhesive-free installation.
With years of experience, our experts guide Minnesota property owners to the best laminate flooring solutions.
Old surface layer is removed, the fresh surface is stained if desired, then it’s sealed with a layer of polyurethane for luster and durability.
Refinishing brings out the unique character and charm of your wood floors.
Meet deadlines and project requirements of all sizes for commercial installations of vinyl, carpet, hardwood or tile.
We guarantee accurate, professional, and on-time completion of commercial flooring projects of any size.
Material is glued down or is stretched over the subfloor with padding laid underneath.
Experts ensure a visually pleasing finish with premium quality carpeting for homes and businesses.
Epoxy and hardener is mixed then applied to the floor with various techniques to ensure a perfect finish.
Cutting-edge epoxy resin systems that meet the unique demands of commercial and industrial settings.
Apply coats of base, color and finish with brushes, rollers and sometimes sprayers. Different surfaces and types of paint have different application processes.

Professional painters, especially interior painters, offer diverse styles and finishes to transform spaces.

Identify the cause and exact location of the noise, then eliminate the noise with a combination of screws, nails and glue that you’ll never know is there.

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Get an accurate price range of what your instal will cost so that you can shop with confidence and know you’re staying within your budget